Automation–Orchestrating the Cloud

Hello Readers and Viewers! I hope you are ready for this, the next installment of my Building Clouds Blog Video Demonstration Series! As this is a series of “behind the scenes” demonstrations for the automation portions of “SCDemo Cloud” offering, this post and video is a long time in the making. And while we have… Read more

Application Management-Example-Deploying a Service to Your Private Cloud (Part 2)

Hey Readers, so you’ve taken a look at the initial post and are ready for some more information I suppose.  Well if you haven’t seen the previous post, before we dive in, make sure you review on where we started in Part 1 where you can get an idea of the high level goals, some… Read more

Deploying complex solutions into virtualized environments – or "To virtualize or not to virtualize"

A very active topic in the world  of private cloud regards which applications should be virtualized and which applications need to run in a traditional, siloed datacenter environment. At this time it’s hard to come up with a definite “right answer” on either side of the debate. However, it’s something that you will definitely need… Read more