Using the OMS Search API with native PowerShell cmdlets

In a hybrid cloud world where manageability of your resources is key, it’s important to have automation support to leverage APIs that can help you in your to day management. One of those APIs is the Operations Management Suite (OMS) Search API. The OMS Search API allows you to execute saved searches and/or dynamic queries… Read more

free eBook: Microsoft System Center – Designing Orchestrator Runbooks

Hi, I’m Andreas Rynes, Lead Architect on the Datacenter Program Team, Microsoft Services HQ working on datacenter solutions focusing on automation and management. Today I’d like to introduce you to a free eBook that we recently released to the public and share with you a few thoughts about the concepts and patterns, as well as… Read more

Automation-System Center 2012 – Orchestrator Best Practice Series-Runbook Export and Scrubbing Process

Hello Readers!  For this next post in the Best Practice Series for Orchestrator, I thought it would be useful to discuss some tips on scrubbing and exporting Runbooks to make them ready for moving between environments or ready for sharing with the community. Why is this Post Useful? Runbooks need to be prepped before for… Read more

Automation–Orchestrator and the Exchange PowerShell Activity

A question came up on an internal distribution list recently about how to create an Exchange Distribution List leveraging Orchestrator.  Well, I did some investigation and in fact collaborated with Charles Joy on this because we were both curious. The setup and configuration is the trickiest part and you’ll have to do some configuration on… Read more

Automation-Executing a PowerShell v3 (Parallel Execution) Script in System Center Orchestrator 2012

Hello readers!  I have a post that I think will be very interesting to those of you who have wanted to execute PowerShell v3 through Orchestrator and have had issues.  The core of Orchestrator (if you didn’t already know) was built around an x86 PowerShell base for execution of PowerShell.  Meaning, by default if you… Read more

Architecting Orchestration

The concept and association of Orchestration and Automation has been fairly synonymous since this ‘Cloud’ paradigm hit the streets. One thing that I have found interesting is that even though almost all vendors, analysts and experts refer to Orchestration and Automation as an important element within Cloud Solutions, I have seen very little guidance on… Read more