The Perception of Infinite Capacity

How many of you have infinite computing capacity in your data center?  From a consumer perspective, we certainly want infinite capacity.  Consumer in this sense could be a business unit in an enterprise.  IT organizations certainly want to be seen as a valuable and key part of the business, but in order to keep the… Read more

What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) ?

In defining Infrastructure as a Service we need to drill into specific characteristics that a cloud platform provider must provide to be considered Infrastructure as a Service. This has been no easy task as nearly every cloud platform provider has recently promoted features and services designed to address the infrastructure as a service and cloud… Read more

The Journey to the Private Cloud Part 3 – The Infrastructure Layer

Happy Monday private cloud architecture blog fans! We start the week on a good foot with a great contribution from one of our private cloud architecture thought leaders – Vincent Montalbano. Vincent is doing a series called “Journey to the Private Cloud” and he’s going over the key architectural issues you will need to think… Read more

Cloud is Not Virtualization

If you’ve had a chance to read some of the articles on this blog and the information at the current Microsoft Private Cloud site over at, you’ll know that cloud computing, including private cloud, is much more than just virtualization or a virtualized data center. While virtualization is an enabling technology for cloud (and… Read more

Private Cloud Concepts

This post is part of a series which outlines the Context, Principles, and Concepts which formulate the basis of a holistic Private Cloud approach. Each post gives a framing for the next so they are best read in order. The following concepts are abstractions or strategies that support the principles and facilitate the composition of… Read more

Private Cloud Principles

Microsoft’s approach is evolved from its own experience of operating large data centers around the world. In its capacity as a data center operator, Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) provides the infrastructure used for Microsoft’s internal Enterprise IT Services and the infrastructure used for external services like Bing™, Azure™, Hotmail™, Xbox Live®, and the Business… Read more