Thank You TechEd Europe 2014!

Hello Readers and Viewers! Quite a few Enterprise Cloud Group CAT Team Members / Building Clouds Bloggers were speakers at TechEd Europe this year! On behalf of the team, I would like to express our appreciation to the many thousands of attendees that showed up ready to learn and experience everything TechEd had to offer… Read more

Introducing the JEA Toolkit Helper

Note: This tool has been replaced by the "JEA Helper Tool 2.0", which has been designed to work with the latest version of JEA as part of Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0 and Window Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 (TP4) Please refer to the following link, for more information about this updated version: Just Enough… Read more

Automation–Windows Azure Pack & Service Management Automation–Automated Tenant Deprovisioning

Hello Readers! Today’s topic is one that has been coming up more and more as the usage of Windows Azure Pack (WAP) increases. Problem Statement / Question / Answer Problem     “When I delete the Subscription for a WAP User (or the actual User), their Subscription Resources remain in VMM!” Question     “How do I automatically remove… Read more

Automation–Service Management Automation & Azure Automation–Complex Asset Creation and Usage

Hello Readers! What if I told you that you could store and leverage Hashtables as Variable Assets in Service Management Automation (SMA) AND Azure Automation (AA)? Well you can! It takes a little more effort, but the ROI is well worth it…after all, who wants to store the same Hashtable of information over and over throughout… Read more

Updated SMA Runbook Toolkit (SMART) download, with new Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool

The SMA Runbook Toolkit (SMART) has seen multiple component releases so far, and this time we are all bringing them together in a single download package! This short blog post summarizes the tools included in the package, what has changed since the last update, and links to other blog posts for more information on features… Read more

New SMART tool : Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool

There is a new kid on the “SMA Runbook Toolkit” block! The Visualization and Dependency Mapping Tool creates a visual representation of the dependencies of a group of SMA Runbooks : child Runbooks, assets like variables, credentials, certificates and connections. Visualization can happen in the following formats: Text output (in the PowerShell console) Visio output… Read more

Automation–System Center Automation Team Blogs–September 2014 Cross-Post Update!

Hello Readers! Over the last couple months there have been quite a few posts being published by the “System Center Automation Team”! In fact, they are now publishing posts to both their existing System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog, as well as the Azure Blog. Pretty exciting stuff! So, what did the System Center Automation Team… Read more

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 2): Deploying a pull service endpoint and automating the configuration of the DSC nodes

In this post, we will cover how a pull service endpoint can be installed, and how nodes can be configured to point to this server and retrieve their DSC configurations. There are already a few blog posts regarding the installation of the pull service endpoint, including this post that shows a snippet on how to… Read more

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 3): Working with the conformance endpoint

This blog post covers how to deploy/configure, and work with the conformance endpoint. It includes details about the type of information returned, as well as sample ways to generate reports with meaningful data. Configuring Conformance Endpoint Similar to the pull service endpoint, we can use the xDscWebService resource from the DSC resource kit to configure… Read more

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 1): Series agenda, Understanding the DSC conformance endpoint

In any configuration management process, once the configuration is applied to the target systems, it is necessary to monitor these systems for any configuration drift. This is an important step and Desired State Configuration (DSC), which is addressed differently depending on the chosen deployment mode for DSC – push mode or pull mode. In the… Read more