Automation–Orchestrator and the Exchange PowerShell Activity

A question came up on an internal distribution list recently about how to create an Exchange Distribution List leveraging Orchestrator.  Well, I did some investigation and in fact collaborated with Charles Joy on this because we were both curious. The setup and configuration is the trickiest part and you’ll have to do some configuration on… Read more

Automation-Executing a PowerShell v3 (Parallel Execution) Script in System Center Orchestrator 2012

Hello readers!  I have a post that I think will be very interesting to those of you who have wanted to execute PowerShell v3 through Orchestrator and have had issues.  The core of Orchestrator (if you didn’t already know) was built around an x86 PowerShell base for execution of PowerShell.  Meaning, by default if you… Read more

An Introduction–Automation Blogger for Building Clouds

Hey Readers!  Some of you may know me from my blog on TechNet where I’ve covered topics on automation around System Center 2012 – Orchestrator and Opalis.  Well, I’m joining the fun in the Building Clouds blog space to provide my experience in all things automation within the Automation Track kicked off by my good… Read more

Automation–Exploring the PowerShell behind the Surface Pro Hijinks

Hello Readers/Viewers! So, by now you have seen this post and related video…You may have wondered, “Is this real life?” Or, “What did it take to do that?” Well, this post is all about my part in the “hijinks”: Automating the Surface Pro Hosted VM Live Migration (both shared-nothing and shared storage) Automation Specs Windows… Read more