Monitoring your home IP security cameras with OMS Log Analytics

Summary: Monitor devices, like home IP security cameras, with OMS Log Analytics without installing an agent! Hi folks, In this blog post I would like to share with you how you can monitor devices with Log Analytics without the need to install the OMS (MMA) agent. We’ve recently announced the Log Analytics HTTP Data Collector… Read more

Taking backup of encrypted Azure VMs with ADE (Azure Disk Encryption) using Azure Backup in OMS

We see customers migrating or deploying workloads on Azure have started encrypting their virtual machines using ADE (Azure Disk Encryption) and looking for a backup solution that supports protecting those encrypted VMs in a simple and cost effctive manner. We also heard, loud and clear, that Azure Backup (ABU) is the one which customers prefer… Read more

Using the OMS Search API with native PowerShell cmdlets

In a hybrid cloud world where manageability of your resources is key, it’s important to have automation support to leverage APIs that can help you in your to day management. One of those APIs is the Operations Management Suite (OMS) Search API. The OMS Search API allows you to execute saved searches and/or dynamic queries… Read more

Security Threat Analysis – Using Operations Management Suite

This blog post is aimed at positioning Operations Management Suite (hereafter called OMS) in the world of security forensic investigations and to provide a security investigation example. Before diving into OMS, it is good to have a basic understanding of what kinds of threats exist, what high-level counter measures the security market has to… Read more