Whitepaper – Designing Your Network Infrastructure For Disaster Recovery

In the current cycle of customer validation during the last 12 months, we have been working with many enterprise organizations and service providers in order to deliver successful Azure Site Recovery (ASR) deployments. The journey has been great and interesting. In a world where everyone expects 24/7 connectivity, it is more important than ever to… Read more

Microsoft Infrastructure as a Service Network Foundations

This document discusses the network infrastructure components that are relevant for a Microsoft IaaS infrastructure and provides guidelines and requirements for building an IaaS network infrastructure using Microsoft products and technologies. Table of Contents (for this article) 1 Introduction 2 On Premises    2.1 Network Architecture 3 Public Cloud    3.1 Low Latency Network Connections… Read more

Public IP Address Requirements within a Windows Azure Pack environment

Introduction Hello everyone, this is Kenon Owens from the Windows Server and System Center CAT Team in Asia Pacific. I created this post as I have been working with customers recently who asked this question, and since they have, I am guessing more of you have the same or similar question. Whether you are a… Read more

Contoso Labs-Network Purchasing (Device Types)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Now that Cisco has been chosen as the vendor for our network, we need to identify the layers of our network fabric, and the devices to be used in those roles. We’ll have a 3-level network topology when done. Some devices will act as leaf node top-of-rack switches…. Read more

Contoso Labs-Network Purchasing (Vendor)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Now that our storage is straightened out, it’s time to set our sights on network gear. As was mentioned earlier, this entire project is operating as an independent entity from Microsoft’s normal IT operations. There’s no shared network, authentication, or any kind of IT services at all. We’ll… Read more

Contoso Labs-Fabric Choices (Network)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents In the prior post, we discussed how our major decision revolved around storage. The choices we made there would dictate the cost of the rest of the solution, so we had to make a decision there first, and carefully at that. Once we knew we’d be using Scale-Out… Read more