Modern Datacenter Architecture Patterns-Global Load Balanced Web Tier

The Global Load Balanced Web Tier design pattern details the Azure features and services required to deliver web tier services that can provide predictable performance and high availability across geographic boundaries. Table of Contents 1 Overview    1.1 Pattern Requirements and Service Description' 2 Architecture Pattern    2.1 Pattern Dependencies    2.2 Azure Services   … Read more

Cloud Platform Integration Framework–Overview

The Cloud Platform Integration Framework (CPIF) provides workload integration guidance for onboarding applications into a Microsoft Cloud Solution. CPIF describes how organizations, Microsoft Partners and Solution Integrators should design and deploy Cloud-targeted workloads utilizing the hybrid cloud platform and management capabilities of Azure, System Center and Windows Server Table of Contents 1 Introduction      1.1… Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform Integration Framework – Architecture

The Cloud Platform Integration Framework (CPIF) provides an enterprise or cloud service provider architect patterns that helps bridge the gaps between infrastructure and workloads by providing guidance to application and workload teams for integrating with the Microsoft cloud platform. Cloud Platform Integration Framework Overview and Patterns: Cloud Platform Integration Framework – Overview and Architecture Modern… Read more

Microsoft Infrastructure as a Service Foundations

The goal of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Foundations series is to help enterprise IT departments and cloud service providers understand, develop, and implement IaaS infrastructures. This series provides comprehensive conceptual background that combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations with partner technologies such as compute, network, and storage architectures, in addition to value-added software features…. Read more

Microsoft Infrastructure as a Service Storage Foundations

This document discusses the storage infrastructure components that are relevant for a Microsoft IaaS infrastructure and provides guidelines and requirements for building an IaaS storage infrastructure using Microsoft products and technologies. Table of Contents (for this article) 1.0  Introduction 2.0  On-Premises        2.1 Drive Architectures        2.2 Storage Controller Architectures        2.3 Storage Networking       … Read more

Automation–System Center Automation Team Blogs–September 2014 Cross-Post Update!

Hello Readers! Over the last couple months there have been quite a few posts being published by the “System Center Automation Team”! In fact, they are now publishing posts to both their existing System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog, as well as the Azure Blog. Pretty exciting stuff! So, what did the System Center Automation Team… Read more

Automation–System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog–July 2014 Cross-Post Update!

Hello Readers! It is that time again; time for me to cross-reference the great work being published over on the System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog and now the Azure Blog! So, what did the System Center AUTOMATION Engineering Team publish since our last Cross-Post…? 1 Orchestrator, 3 Service Management Automation, and 4 Azure Automation Posts!… Read more

Building Clouds on TechNet Radio! DevOps, and Automation, and Configuration Management, Oh My!

Hello Readers, Listeners, and Viewers! Did You Know? Michael Green and Charles Joy of the Building Clouds Blog each had a part in the June 2014 TechNet Radio Series: Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and Friends! So – If you did know, and have watched the series, Thank You! And if this… Read more

Automation–Microsoft Azure Automation–Create New Azure VM Endpoint

Hello Readers! Here we are again, this time, with another example Runbook ready to use with Azure Automation! This is my 3rd Azure Automation Runbook Contribution to Script Center under the Windows Azure – Automation Sub-Category (you can find my first two, here and here). In fact, the Windows Azure – Automation Script Center example… Read more

Automation–Microsoft Azure Automation–Provision Azure Environment Resources from Gallery

Hello Readers! As you may recall, I published this post (Automation–Microsoft Azure Automation–The Evolution of Cloud Automation) last month, as my first experience with Microsoft Azure Automation. It illustrated the evolution – my evolution – through and to where we are with Cloud Automation. Here I am again, with a new script – well, in… Read more