Thoughts on Nano Server improving Infrastructure Architect Designs

This week at Ignite we uncovered more details on the new and exciting products that will be fundamental to our cloud platform moving forward.  This includes a smaller installation footprint for Windows Server, known as Nano Server.  Microsoft currently offers an installation option for Windows Server named Server Core that provides a minimal installation of… Read more

Chef + PowerShell DSC!

BCB Readers – I wanted to call out a great post published today from our friend Adam Edwards over on the Chef blog.  Adam has published links to the GitHub repository for the new PowerShell DSC cookbook for Chef project.  There you will find both a preview of the cookbook and an official Request for… Read more

Building Clouds on TechNet Radio! DevOps, and Automation, and Configuration Management, Oh My!

Hello Readers, Listeners, and Viewers! Did You Know? Michael Green and Charles Joy of the Building Clouds Blog each had a part in the June 2014 TechNet Radio Series: Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and Friends! So – If you did know, and have watched the series, Thank You! And if this… Read more

PowerShell DSC Blog Series, Part 5- Point in Time List of DSC Resources

Welcome to Part 5 of the Building Clouds blog series on Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration.  Here is a quick recap of what has been published before this post: Part 1 – Information about DSCPart 2 – Authoring DSC Resources when Cmdlets Already ExistPart 3 – Testing DSC ResourcesPart 4 – How-To use PowerShell DSC… Read more

PowerShell DSC for Linux, Step by Step

We are privileged to have a guest blogger on Building Clouds, Kristopher Bash.  Kris is a Senior Program Manager in the Microsoft Open Source Technology Center.  Last week at TechEd, Jeffrey Snover was a surprise guest in Don Jones’ presentation, where he demonstrated applying a configuration to a Linux box using PowerShell DSC through standards… Read more

PowerShell Blog Series, Part 4 – How-To use PowerShell DSC from your workstation to test PowerShell JEA, in Azure.

Yesterday I published a little bit of a teaser with screenshots demonstrating the ability to automate publishing VM’s in Azure as a method of testing PowerShell Just Enough Administration.  Today I am publishing a technical write-up on how you can setup your workstation to very easily spin up and tear down test virtual machines in… Read more

DSC your workstation to test Windows PowerShell JEA in Azure.

Yesterday I published a step by step guide to testing Windows PowerShell Just Enough Administration, a new solution announced by Jeffrey Snover at TechEd North America.  In the post I outline how you can test JEA in a VM, and I mentioned that the VM could be in Azure.  Well, hold on to your hats…. Read more

Just Enough Administration, Step by Step

It is a special honor for the Building Clouds Blog to showcase a new solution announced today at TechEd North America 2014, Windows PowerShell Just Enough Administration, or JEA. JitJea: A Windows PowerShell Toolkit to Secure a Post-Snowden World This technology enables organizations to present operators with only the amount of access required to perform… Read more

PowerShell DSC Blog Series – Part 3, Testing DSC Resources

For part 3 in this series I would like to illustrate some ideas on testing PowerShell Desired State Configuration resources during the authoring process.  I will once again call out that I’m not attempting to define ‘best practices’, this is just what has worked well for me and something I can share with the community…. Read more

PowerShell DSC Blog Series–Part 2, Authoring DSC Resources when Cmdlets already exist

Welcome to Part 2 in my PowerShell Desired State Configuration blog series.  In Part 1 last week, I pulled together a number of online resources that helped me when getting up to speed on DSC.  This week, I’d like to share a process for authoring resources that has saved me a lot of time. Go… Read more