Just For Fun–KINECTing Orchestrator Runbooks

Hello Readers/Viewers! As you can see, I am really trying hard to get both of my quotas met: blog posts + fun… That said, this post, while dealing a very small amount with Automation and System Center Orchestrator, is really just me getting my geek on for a few technologies I was exploring at the… Read more

Automation–Exploring the PowerShell behind the Surface Pro Hijinks

Hello Readers/Viewers! So, by now you have seen this post and related video…You may have wondered, “Is this real life?” Or, “What did it take to do that?” Well, this post is all about my part in the “hijinks”: Automating the Surface Pro Hosted VM Live Migration (both shared-nothing and shared storage) Automation Specs Windows… Read more

Surface Pro Hijinks: The Video

 Or: How we spent $4,000 and all we got was a tabletop datacenter Remember last week when I told you about our little geek experiment with our brand new Surface Pro devices?  I promised a video, and we are not the type to disappoint our readers.  We wandered off to a quiet corner of our building,… Read more

4 Surface Pros + Hyper-V + WiFi Hotspot = Fun For Nerds

Question: What ridiculous things can 4 server geeks do with a sub-2lb tablet that has a Core i5 processor and a couple of free hours? Answer: Install Server 2012, enable Hyper-V, create some VMs, and then use Shared-Nothing Live Migration to move them around over a WiFi Hotspot Details: Yes, we actually did this.  In… Read more

Buildings Clouds–Just For Fun

By now, most of the Technical Enablement and Delivery team – aka TED – have introduced themselves in the various tracks on this blog… immediately followed by posts in their tracks containing valuable information that is likely relevant to anyone that is, well, building clouds.  Hence the name of the blog.  We’re clever like that…. Read more