Backup & Site Recovery (OMS)

We have recently announced the GA for our Backup & Site Recovery (OMS) in Azure Resource Manager, and I would like to use this opportunity to level set on what we are bringing, as well as give you some context and a real kick-start into deploying these resources. Context Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) made its… Read more

Microsoft Azure Stack Advanced Scenarios for TP1: Beyond the Basics

In the last post we deployed JSON templates and also VM Extensions to Windows and Linux VMs running on Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview 1. Next let’s look at the installation and configuration of additional PaaS Resource Providers in Microsoft Azure Stack TP1. Resource providers are suppliers of an Azure /Azure Stack service via ARM… Read more

Microsoft Azure Stack Advanced Scenarios: Fundamentals

If you are testing the capabilities of Azure Stack Technical Preview, you will probably have been deploying virtual machines from the portal.  The IaaS capabilities in Azure Stack are great, but what about being able to deploy multi-components applications as a single entity? Applications can be made up of many parts resources that can include virtual… Read more