Hybrid Cloud Networking Help with NTttcp Version 5.28

With the recent release of Azure Infrastructure Services we anticipate that a lot of you interested in the Microsoft cloud will be curious about the possibility of moving current on premises workloads to the Azure IaaS offering. There are a lot of good reasons to do this, such as potential cost savings and reduction of… Read more

TechEd 2013-Josh Adams-Yuri Diogenes-Tom Shinder on Cloud Infrastructure Design

It’s been fun introducing the sessions in the Architecture Track at TechEd North America and Europe. Now I’d like to tell you about one of the session that I’m presenting in. In the session Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure: A Practical Design Scenario I will be presenting with Josh Adams and Yuri Diogenes. Many of you… Read more

Optimizing Windows Server 2012 storage management via PowerShell for both performance and resiliency

Although the new Server Manager UI in Windows Server 2012 provides a very convenient and intuitive workflow to provision and manage Storage, interaction with PowerShell is required to access many of the advanced features afforded by the new Storage Management API.      For example, you can easily create a Virtual Disk in the UI;… Read more