How Do I Extend My Datacenter in Microsoft Azure?

How do you grow your puppy into a full fledged dog? It takes time, patience, work, and some knowledge of raising and training up a dog right. It’s not easy, but if you do the work, the benefits are enormous. How do you extend your current on-premises datacenter into Microsoft Azure? Again, I could say… Read more

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solution for Enterprise IT Overview Video

If you’re been reading the papers, most of them will tell you that in the next few years, hybrid cloud is going to be the prevalent architecture for enterprise IT. Is that the case now? Probably not. Not many people have a real private cloud, one that supports the five essential characteristics cloud computing. You… Read more

The Infrastructure as a Service Technical Guidance for Hosting Service Providers white paper is now available!

In early 2013, Microsoft released Windows Azure Services for Windows Server.  With the release of Windows Azure Services for Windows Server, System Center 2012 Service Pack 1, and Windows Server 2012, Microsoft enables hosting service providers (HSPs) to deliver to their customers multi-tenant cloud services today.  By leveraging these technologies, HSPs can provide high-quality self-service… Read more

“Workloads” and the private cloud

We’ve written several articles on this blog differentiating between virtualized-only and private cloud infrastructures, so I won’t detail those differences again, but in this post, I wanted to address the topic of “workloads,” how it’s likely that not all of the workloads in your environment will be a fit for your private infrastructure as a… Read more

Destination: Private cloud…are we there yet?

The post titled the Cloud is Not Virtualization from almost couple years ago on this blog stated that for an IT solution to be called a “cloud” solution, it needed to enable the “essential characteristics” of cloud computing, as defined in The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing. For those unaware, those essential characteristics are:  on-demand… Read more

The Private Cloud Solution Hub Gets a Refresh

Hey private cloud fans! I want to check in with you this week to let you know that the Private Cloud Solutions Hub over on TechNet received a refresh this week. Our vision of the Private Cloud Solutions Hub is to provide a place where anyone interested in private cloud computing will be able to… Read more