Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Book by Danny Garber, Jamal Malik and Adam Fazio

What is hybrid cloud or hybrid IT? Hybrid cloud is when you connect resources hosted on different clouds. Hybrid IT is a bit broader in its scope, because you can connect a traditional on-premises datacenter infrastructure to resources hosted in a cloud environment, typically a public cloud service provider. Hybrid IT also applies to when… Read more

TechEd 2013-Jamal Malik Presents on Envisioning The Modern Datacenter

Do you remember the first TechEd you went to? I do. It was in New Orleans and I was invited to present on ISA Server 2000. I had done a lot of teaching and training before that event, but never spoke to a crowd that large. I figured that there would be about 50 people… Read more

Everything I Needed to Know about Chargeback I learned in Kindergarten – by Jamal Malik

If Jimmy has five apples and he eats two of them, how many apples does Jimmy have left? I’m sure everyone at some point in their lives were asked a question resembling the one above. Interestingly enough, it is not far from a method of chargeback based on consumption based pricing (no pun intended). Although… Read more

Dinosaurs, Darwin and Datacenters

Whether or not you believe in Evolution in regards to Human Development or World History, one thing for sure is that it is a subject that gives us great insight into the paradigm of change. That within itself I believe is an incredibly fascinating topic and one that has applicability across a number of different… Read more

Architecting Orchestration

The concept and association of Orchestration and Automation has been fairly synonymous since this ‘Cloud’ paradigm hit the streets. One thing that I have found interesting is that even though almost all vendors, analysts and experts refer to Orchestration and Automation as an important element within Cloud Solutions, I have seen very little guidance on… Read more

The CMDB–The Heart of the Cloud

In this short article, Jamal Malik, one of our business solutions architects discusses why he considers the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to be the “heart” of the cloud. Enjoy! –Tom.   A few months back I wrote a thread around how the “Portal is the Gateway to the Cloud”, Behind the scenes of the Portal… Read more