Windows Azure Hybrid Cloud Book by Danny Garber, Jamal Malik and Adam Fazio

What is hybrid cloud or hybrid IT? Hybrid cloud is when you connect resources hosted on different clouds. Hybrid IT is a bit broader in its scope, because you can connect a traditional on-premises datacenter infrastructure to resources hosted in a cloud environment, typically a public cloud service provider. Hybrid IT also applies to when… Read more

August 2013 was Automation Month at the Building Clouds Blog!

Augomation? Autogust? Augustomania? Whatever you call it, with 16 Automation Track / Automation Track adjacent posts, it was Automation’s month to shine. You may have not even realized it – heck, I don’t think we did… The Posts… If you have been keeping up, fantastic! If you haven’t, well, we have a bunch of links… Read more

Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track Information Updated for Windows Server 2012 and System Center Service Pack 1

If you’ve ever used the Microsoft Private Cloud Fast Track documentation, you know that it’s the way to build out your private cloud infrastructure and fabric management system. Fast Track guidance represents a very well architected and tested solution with a proven track record. The good news is that the Fast Track document set has… Read more

The Infrastructure as a Service Technical Guidance for Hosting Service Providers white paper is now available!

In early 2013, Microsoft released Windows Azure Services for Windows Server.  With the release of Windows Azure Services for Windows Server, System Center 2012 Service Pack 1, and Windows Server 2012, Microsoft enables hosting service providers (HSPs) to deliver to their customers multi-tenant cloud services today.  By leveraging these technologies, HSPs can provide high-quality self-service… Read more