MAT 1.3.1 Update

  Just a quick post to let everyone know that MAT 1.3.1 has been posted. Every now and then we need to bring the train back into the station and grease up those axles. This version has a few minor changes but is mostly about getting the MAT 1.3 Installation and Usage Guide out there…. Read more

MAT – More is better. Multi-server conversions

When I introduced the MAT last post, I didn’t spend much time discussing how to convert using multiple servers. So I better get to it. This post details how to configure the MAT to use multiple machines to convert at the same time (let’s call these “Helpers”). Using the MAT on many servers is pretty… Read more

Switch to Hyper-V with the Hyper-V Switch Program – Part 2 by Michael Lubanski

As a follow-up to Part 1 on March 8, Microsoft has released version 2 of its Virtual Machine Migration Toolkit in the Hyper-V Switch Program. Version 2 makes it easier and faster to migrate virtual machines to the Hyper-V platform.     What’s New Hyper-V Switch now runs on System Center 2012 and takes advantage… Read more