Intro to Hybrid Cloud for the Private Cloud Audience

Let’s say that you have your private cloud the way you want it. You’ve got the self-service, the metered services, the elasticity and the pooled resources and it’s running just the way you want. But then one day the boss comes in and says “we’re expecting a big spike in utilization next month and we… Read more

Identity Infrastructure Capabilities–Identity Management in the Age of Hybrid IT

Here on the private cloud architecture blog we make it a point to make sure that we always ground ourselves in strong principles and practices. Without that foundation, you end up making decisions based on current opinion, personal preferences and often just what seems like might be the right decision at the time. Of course… Read more

The Four Pillars of Identity–Identity Management in the Age of Hybrid IT

Identity management used to be a relatively simple matter. You set up an identity management system based on one or more identity repositories, you enter user names and passwords into the identity repository system, you create groups and populate them with user accounts and then you configure your applications and services to use that system… Read more