Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Usage (Part 2)

In the previous post we talked about how you can verify if Usage and Metring is working In this blog post it’s time to see what could go wrong during installation / configuration of Usage & Metering The following are potential issues you might run into: SPF cannot connect to OM DW. WAP Usage is… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack & Usage (Part 1)

Hello Readers. My original plan was to release the troubleshooting blog posts in listed order, but as there have been a few questions around Usage, I have decided to move this topic up the list and share some common challenges installing and configuring Usage for IaaS. As mentioned in a previous blog post (Installing &… Read more

Everything I Needed to Know about Chargeback I learned in Kindergarten – by Jamal Malik

If Jimmy has five apples and he eats two of them, how many apples does Jimmy have left? I’m sure everyone at some point in their lives were asked a question resembling the one above. Interestingly enough, it is not far from a method of chargeback based on consumption based pricing (no pun intended). Although… Read more