Evaluating Windows Server and System Center on a Laptop (or two, or three) – Fabric

Building your Domain, Configuring Hyper-V and getting internet access for your VMs Continuing on from my Introduction post, we’re now going to get our laptops to become the Fabric (compute, network and storage) for our evaluation of Windows Server and System Center. Note: This is NOT best practice deployment advice. This is “notes from the… Read more

Secure the Private Cloud with Hyper-V PowerShell – Part 2

In our first blog of this series, Using PowerShell to Protect Your Private Cloud Infrastructure, we defined the essential characteristics of cloud computing, briefly discussed some cloud security challenges, and started exploring network protection by using platform capabilities in Windows Server 2012. The first network security scenario we described covered protection against eavesdropping attacks by… Read more

DHCP in a Cloud Enabled World by Erik Lofstrand

In a surprising number of our private cloud engagements we have run into an unexpected roadblock: Lack of DHCP.  Having spent a previous life in the dotcom days as a network engineer, I was really surprised to see today, as organizations and networks have matured, automation of IP assignment has not. Now, the first caveat… Read more