Contoso Labs-Table of Contents

This is a table of contents for the entire Contoso Labs series.  Posts will be categorized by main topics that they cover. Introduction and Planning Introduction Who are the Users? What is the Service? Hardware Resources Fabric Choices (Storage) Fabric Choices (Network) Storage Purchasing (JBODs) Storage Purchasing (File Servers) Storage Purchasing (SAS config) Network Purchasing… Read more

Automation–MVP Example Solution Spotlight–Orchestrator Integration with Office365 and SharePoint 2013

Hello Readers/Viewers! Today’s post is just a quick cross-post and spotlight on an example solution walkthrough. Who? The below referenced content was created by Microsoft Virtualization MVP, Nathan Lasnoski Nathan Lasnoski is the Team Lead of Concurrency’s Infrastructure Practice, a Microsoft Virtualization MVP and a recognized leader in Core Infrastructure Design, SharePoint Infrastructure, Virtualization, and… Read more

August 2013 was Automation Month at the Building Clouds Blog!

Augomation? Autogust? Augustomania? Whatever you call it, with 16 Automation Track / Automation Track adjacent posts, it was Automation’s month to shine. You may have not even realized it – heck, I don’t think we did… The Posts… If you have been keeping up, fantastic! If you haven’t, well, we have a bunch of links… Read more

TechEd 2013–The Road to TechEd with End to Edge and Beyond

Yuri Diogenes and I have been working behind the scenes for the last six months to find the best presentations possible for the TechEd 2013 Architecture (ARC) track. We’ve been lucky to suffer from an embarrassment of riches, as there were so many good presentations to choose from that we didn’t have much trouble finding… Read more

Automation-Executing a PowerShell v3 (Parallel Execution) Script in System Center Orchestrator 2012

Hello readers!  I have a post that I think will be very interesting to those of you who have wanted to execute PowerShell v3 through Orchestrator and have had issues.  The core of Orchestrator (if you didn’t already know) was built around an x86 PowerShell base for execution of PowerShell.  Meaning, by default if you… Read more

TechEd 2013-Ulrich Homann on How to Drive Down TCO for Datacenter Applications using Private Cloud

Only five weeks left before TechEd! (if you’re reading this today). We’re more than half way through introducing the presentations we have in store for you for the Architecture (ARC) track. Today I’d like to reintroduce you to our track’s keynote speaker – Uli Homann. Uli is our Chief Architect in Microsoft Worldwide services, and… Read more

Dinosaurs, Darwin and Datacenters

Whether or not you believe in Evolution in regards to Human Development or World History, one thing for sure is that it is a subject that gives us great insight into the paradigm of change. That within itself I believe is an incredibly fascinating topic and one that has applicability across a number of different… Read more

Optimizing Windows Server 2012 storage management via PowerShell for both performance and resiliency

Although the new Server Manager UI in Windows Server 2012 provides a very convenient and intuitive workflow to provision and manage Storage, interaction with PowerShell is required to access many of the advanced features afforded by the new Storage Management API.      For example, you can easily create a Virtual Disk in the UI;… Read more