MAT4MOVE – MAT for Vision Double-Take MOVE Announced!

Hello migration friends!  I just wanted to publish a quick congratulations to Vision Double-Take for publishing the blog post below that includes an implementation of MAT for MOVE.  Thanks to the engineers at Vision working on Double-Take, MOVE was already manageable using PowerShell.  Adopting the MAT scripts further extends the community concept so anyone who… Read more

The Year in Migration 2013

It’s that time of year when the interwebs fill up with Top 10 lists and reflections on the year that’s coming to an end (btw, Migration Mark doesn’t get ‘twerking’). In that spirit, I thought it would be good to look at the state of tools and technology around VMware to Hyper-V migration this year and how… Read more

Automation–Service Management Automation–SMA Runbook Toolkit Spotlight–SMART Runbook Conversion Helper

 Note : This tool has been included and replaced by the SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper 2.0 tool, see the blog post here. The download link below points to SMART Documentation and Conversion Helper 2.0 If you have been reading about and testing the new features from System Center 2012 R2, you’ve probably heard about… Read more

MAT 1.3.1 Update

  Just a quick post to let everyone know that MAT 1.3.1 has been posted. Every now and then we need to bring the train back into the station and grease up those axles. This version has a few minor changes but is mostly about getting the MAT 1.3 Installation and Usage Guide out there…. Read more

MAT-Architecture Overview

I’ve been getting questions about the overall architecture of MAT and then specifically how the PowerShell functions work together. Of course, it’s all right there in the scripts, but it would probably take you a while to sort through the 2,000 or so lines of code. So in the spirit of trying to make the… Read more

MAT – More is better. Multi-server conversions

When I introduced the MAT last post, I didn’t spend much time discussing how to convert using multiple servers. So I better get to it. This post details how to configure the MAT to use multiple machines to convert at the same time (let’s call these “Helpers”). Using the MAT on many servers is pretty… Read more

Meet MAT – the Migration Automation Toolkit

Introducing the MAT MAT, meet the blogosphere. Blogosphere, meet MAT. There, that was easy. In my earlier posts I’ve talked a lot about migration and automation. In my V2V series I covered lots of ways you might go about automating your conversions using VMM’s V2V. Helpful, right? Well, today, I will do you one better…. Read more

Automating VM Migration – VMM and V2V (Part 3)

In my last post we covered some ways of removing VMware Tools from your VMs so that your conversion would go more smoothly. Next we need to tee up the conversion by getting the VMs to the VMM Library so that we can start our V2V. Getting the VM to the VMM Library Before VMM… Read more

Automating VM Migration – VMM and V2V (Part 2)

Last time we went through the basic mechanics of V2V. In this post we will roll up our virtual sleeves (lest we get ketchup on them… again) and start digging into what needs to happen to get this thing automated. NOTE: You really want to back up your VM somehow before you start any conversion…. Read more

Types of VM Conversions (or how to swap engines in a moving car)

I was hoping to get this post out sooner but I’ve been busy this week taking a perfectly good Surface Pro and turning it into a tablet running Windows Server 2012. Fun stuff! Not only did we install Server 2012 on a Surface Pro we decided to create a cluster of Pros and actually carry… Read more