Chef + PowerShell DSC!

BCB Readers – I wanted to call out a great post published today from our friend Adam Edwards over on the Chef blog.  Adam has published links to the GitHub repository for the new PowerShell DSC cookbook for Chef project.  There you will find both a preview of the cookbook and an official Request for… Read more

Building Clouds on TechNet Radio! DevOps, and Automation, and Configuration Management, Oh My!

Hello Readers, Listeners, and Viewers! Did You Know? Michael Green and Charles Joy of the Building Clouds Blog each had a part in the June 2014 TechNet Radio Series: Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and Friends! So – If you did know, and have watched the series, Thank You! And if this… Read more

PowerShell DSC Blog Series, Part 5- Point in Time List of DSC Resources

Welcome to Part 5 of the Building Clouds blog series on Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration.  Here is a quick recap of what has been published before this post: Part 1 – Information about DSCPart 2 – Authoring DSC Resources when Cmdlets Already ExistPart 3 – Testing DSC ResourcesPart 4 – How-To use PowerShell DSC… Read more