Cloud Solutions news at Ignite

Vijay Tewari is at Ignite and he joins us to tell us about some of the CPS-related news there. Welcome to Ignite! The number of people and the sheer energy and excitement here are amazing. It is indeed a privilege to be here. Many of our partners are here as well, showcasing innovative Private Cloud… Read more

Welcome to Cloud Solutions

This week, Vijay Tewari introduces the new Cloud Solution track of Building Clouds. Vijay is the Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft responsible for private cloud solutions.  You may remember Vijay from his previous role where he was responsible for overseeing System Center Virtual Machine Manager. Welcome to the Cloud Solutions track of the Building… Read more

Zero-Downtime Patch & Update Orchestration on the Microsoft Cloud Platform System

We are privileged to have a guest blogger on Building Clouds, Justin Incarnato.  Justin is a Program Manager in Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Solutions Group where he has been responsible for developing the Patch and Update process for the Microsoft Cloud Platform System. Who should read this blog? If you are interested in learning how Microsoft… Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform System: Storage Performance Overview Now Available

Guest post by Dan Lovinger, Principal Software Engineer Hi everyone, I’m Dan Lovinger, a software and performance engineer on the Windows Server team. With the availability of the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS), we’re excited to now share an overview of storage-focused performance of a single rack CPS stamp, with real workloads, at real scale…. Read more

CPS Management Cluster and Its Performance

By now, I hope that you’ve had some opportunities to read and understand what Cloud Platform System (CPS) is, how the fabric monitoring capability works in CPS, how we take advantage of CPS inside of Microsoft, and how we're building and testing Microsoft workloads in this platform. In today’s post, we’d like to take you… Read more

Self-service deployment of Microsoft workloads on Cloud Platform System (and other systems with Windows Azure Pack) – Part 1

We are privileged to have a guest blogger on Building Clouds, Jeff Goldner.  Jeff is a Principal Program Manager in Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Group.  In the series we are starting today, Jeff highlights new artifacts being rolled out by Microsoft that are designed to run Microsoft workloads on the Cloud Platform System(CPS). The series will… Read more

Microsoft uses Cloud Platform System (CPS) in production for engineering workloads

You don’t often think about enterprise private clouds and high scale going together.  45K VMs running, 200K cores and 20K VMs created and deleted per day must surely be the domain of public cloud hosters?  In fact this is Microsoft’s internal private IaaS cloud (called Nebula) offering compute capacity for development and validation to Microsoft… Read more

Monitoring the Cloud Fabric in the Cloud Platform System (CPS)

My CPS stamp just arrived and I can’t wait for my customers to begin spinning up their own VMs! But once CPS is up in my datacenter and I start running customer workloads how do I know if the fabric of my cloud is healthy? How do I know if there are issues I need… Read more

Unveiling The Microsoft Cloud Platform System, powered by Dell

Yes!!! At last we can talk about what we have been working on for close to 18 months – “San Diego” – that was the code name for what is now “Microsoft Cloud Platform System” (CPS), which was announced earlier today by Scott Guthrie. These 18 months have been a journey for all of us… Read more