Security Considerations for Infrastructure as a Service–IaaS-Private Cloud

Cloud computing makes a lot of promises in the areas of increased flexibility and agility, potential cost savings, and competitive advantages for developers so that they can stand up an infrastructure quickly and efficiently to enable then to develop the software to drive business success. There are a lot of problems that cloud, especially private… Read more

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 as Private Cloud Enabler (3/5): The Power of Service Templates

A primary focus of private cloud is service delivery. In contrast to the traditional datacenter approach to application deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting, private cloud refocuses our attention to the service that is actually being consumed by the user of the service. When you take a service providers approach you begin to think about how you… Read more

IPv6 and Your Private Cloud

When architecting your private cloud infrastructure, one of components you need to give attention to is the networking infrastructure that supports connectivity between the devices within your private cloud, and between tenants of the private cloud and external locations, such as your public cloud assets. Not only do you need to consider the architecture of… Read more

Introduction to Infrastructure as a Service by Bill Loffler

Private Cloud is all about being a service provider and one of the core services you’ll want to provide is Infrastructure as a Service (commonly known as IaaS). Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS is the industry term used to describe the capability to provide computing infrastructure resources in a well-defined manner, similar to what… Read more

Monitoring The Enchanted Cloud

A recurring theme in our discussions about cloud computing is that cloud computing is all about the app and service delivery. While we all think we’re providing a service to our users, our focus in a traditional data center is to keep the lights running and a byproduct of those running lights is the service… Read more

Introduction to Cloud Computing by Tom Shinder

Hi Microsoft Private Cloud fans! Hope you had a good weekend and that you’re ready to start your week with a nice dose of Private Cloud. This week we’ll start off by serving up a presentation I did on Private Cloud for the Microsoft MVPs. This presentation, Introduction to Private Cloud, goes over the basic… Read more

System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012 as Private Cloud Enabler (2/5): Fabric, Oh, Fabric

  Happy Thursday Microsoft Private Cloud fans! Today we are again honored to feature a great blog post by Yung Chou, a Senior IT Pro Evangelist who is allowing us to cross-post his five part series on using System Center Virtual Machine Manager to create and support a Private Cloud, which is originally published on… Read more

Microsoft Private Cloud Goes Social

Are you deploying a Microsoft Private Cloud? Are you interested in talking about Microsoft Private Cloud? Maybe you’re new to the entire cloud business and want to see what’s happening in the world of Microsoft Private Cloud and participate in the conversation. Whatever your reason, one thing you do know is that you like to… Read more