The Perception of Infinite Capacity

How many of you have infinite computing capacity in your data center?  From a consumer perspective, we certainly want infinite capacity.  Consumer in this sense could be a business unit in an enterprise.  IT organizations certainly want to be seen as a valuable and key part of the business, but in order to keep the… Read more

The Building Blocks of Service Templates within Virtual Machine Manager by David Stoker

The Building Blocks of Service Templates within Virtual Machine Manager by David Stoker Having worked with customers early in the System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Technology Adoption Program (TAP), I’ve been asked several times how does one effectively build Service Templates? The goal is to first create standardized “building blocks” which can then be… Read more

Let’s Build Clouds with Windows Server “8”

Hello Cloud fans! It gives me great pleasure to kick off a new series of blogs about Windows Server 8 as a cloud-optimized OS! We’ve been operating in silent mode till now, with limited public exposure (mainly at \\BUILD) but now it’s time to start sharing the great stuff with you. It’s going to be… Read more

Kristian Nese Explains Private Cloud Technical Concepts

As I made clear in my two talks at TechDays 2012 in Belgium this week, private cloud computing is all about providing services to the consumers of your cloud infrastructure. This service providers approach is critical since in the future you, as a member of your corporate IT department, will be in direct competition with… Read more

Introducing A Solution for Private Cloud Security

As I’ve mentioned in other blog posts, private cloud provides you an opportunity to “reset” your datacenter. When you look at your enterprise network today, did it really grow the way you wanted it to? Is it managed and operated in the way that you would have ideally designed it? Or, does it suffer from… Read more

Private Cloud Solution Hub Rebooted

Happy New Year to all private cloud architecture fans. OK, so I’m a little late with that. The private cloud architecture blog has been on hiatus for the last couple of months due to unforeseen and someforeseen reasons. The good news is that the blog drought is over and this year is going to be… Read more

The Journey to the Private Cloud Part 3 – The Infrastructure Layer

Happy Monday private cloud architecture blog fans! We start the week on a good foot with a great contribution from one of our private cloud architecture thought leaders – Vincent Montalbano. Vincent is doing a series called “Journey to the Private Cloud” and he’s going over the key architectural issues you will need to think… Read more

Automated Fabric Patching for the Private Cloud

When speaking of private cloud, the fabric is arguably the most unique piece of the cloud solution that separates it from a traditional datacenter. We’ve talked about the private cloud fabric in previous articles on the Private Cloud Architecture blog, such as the one done by Yung Chou entitled System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)… Read more

The Journey to the Private Cloud Part 2 – The Management Layer

It’s great to see those of you in the private cloud community stepping up to the plate and contributing articles to the private cloud blog! We in the infancy of cloud computing and we’re all trying to ramp up and learn what private cloud is about, what advantages we gain from private cloud, and how… Read more

Welcome to the Private Cloud Solutions Hub

Hey Private Cloud Architecture fans, I’ve got some great news – the Private Cloud Solutions Hub is now live and ready for you to check it out. Our goal for the Private Cloud Solutions Hub is to give you one place where you can find all the private cloud architectural information you need to optimize… Read more