Automation–Service Management Automation Runbook Spotlight–Virtual Machine Startup by Priority (Part 1.5)

Hello Readers/Viewers! Before we get into this post’s content, I wanted to extend a BIG THANKS to those of you who have been keeping up with our System Center 2012 R2 Service Management Automation Introductory Blog Posts. To make things a little easier, and to keep track of all those posts in one area, we… Read more

Automation–Service Management Automation Runbook Spotlight–Virtual Machine Startup by Priority (Part 1)

Hello Readers and Viewers! By now, especially if you are reading this, you likely have seen the following blog posts: Automation–An Introduction to Service Management Automation Automation–Service Management Automation–Getting Started with SMA Runbooks If not, I highly recommend you take some time and review the introductory content provided. The content in this blog post mini-series… Read more

Automation–Greatest Hits and Blog Reference Guide

Hello again Readers/Viewers! Like my previous post over at “Blog D’Joy”, this post will act as a reference to the various posts that I have done in the past and be updated to include the new ones that I have continued to publish here on Building Clouds! Recently, Jim Britt and I curated that old… Read more

Application Management-Example-Deploying a Service to Your Private Cloud (Part 4)

Hello Readers, welcome to the 4th and final post in this series on deploying the example VMM Service Template for SharePoint 2013 to your Microsoft private cloud.  To recap where we’ve been: Application Management-Example-Deploying a Service to Your Private Cloud (Part 1) Introduction material on what we’ll be covering in this series at a high… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating the Cloud

Hello Readers and Viewers! I hope you are ready for this, the next installment of my Building Clouds Blog Video Demonstration Series! As this is a series of “behind the scenes” demonstrations for the automation portions of “SCDemo Cloud” offering, this post and video is a long time in the making. And while we have… Read more

Thank You MMS 2013! (from the Automation Track)

Hello Readers and Viewers (new and alumni)! I just wanted to send a big THANK YOU and WELCOME to all the MMS 2013 Attendees and New Blog Readers! It was a fantastic event with so much great information… What is in your top 5 list of favorites from MMS2013? And, whether you attended MMS 2013… Read more

The Top 10 Reasons You Should Attend our Sessions at MMS 2013!

Trying to decide which sessions to attend at the 2013 Microsoft Management Summit?  There are a lot of great options this year, and here are ten reasons we think you should check out the sessions hosted by the authors of the Building Clouds blog… You’ll get to learn all about the Fundamentals of Building Clouds… Read more

Introducing the Cloud and Datacenter Solutions Hub

It’s been months in the making and we’ve been waiting for it with great anticipation. Now it’s here! That’s right – the Private Cloud Solutions Hub has been reborn as the new and improved and extremely useful Cloud and Datacenter Solutions Hub. The Cloud and Datacenter Solutions hub aims to help you get started with… Read more

Cloud Infrastructure Solution for Enterprise IT Available for Download

You’ve heard a lot about private cloud on this blog. We’ve talked about why you should consider private cloud, what advantages private cloud has to offer, and the key architectural principles, concepts and patterns that drive a well architected and designed private cloud solution. But one thing seems to be missing – a solid solution… Read more

The Four Pillars of Identity–Identity Management in the Age of Hybrid IT

Identity management used to be a relatively simple matter. You set up an identity management system based on one or more identity repositories, you enter user names and passwords into the identity repository system, you create groups and populate them with user accounts and then you configure your applications and services to use that system… Read more