Backup & Site Recovery (OMS)

We have recently announced the GA for our Backup & Site Recovery (OMS) in Azure Resource Manager, and I would like to use this opportunity to level set on what we are bringing, as well as give you some context and a real kick-start into deploying these resources. Context Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) made its… Read more

Coming soon to a datacenter near you : Azure Stack

Hello Readers! Since the announcement of the upcoming release of Microsoft Azure Stack during the Ignite event in Chicago earlier this month, many of you have been enquiring about where to learn more about the associated technologies, how to prepare, and when evaluating Azure Stack will be possible. This blog post will provide guidance on… Read more

How Do I Extend My Datacenter in Microsoft Azure?

How do you grow your puppy into a full fledged dog? It takes time, patience, work, and some knowledge of raising and training up a dog right. It’s not easy, but if you do the work, the benefits are enormous. How do you extend your current on-premises datacenter into Microsoft Azure? Again, I could say… Read more

White paper: Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds

  Hello readers! This blog post introduces the “Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds” white paper from the Enterprise Cloud Group (ECG) CAT team, that you can download at the link below. We hope you will find this resource useful! Audience This document is for IT professionals or application owners interested in understanding… Read more

Modern Datacenter Architecture Patterns–Hybrid Networking

This document provides an overview of Microsoft Azure networking capabilities for hybrid environments. Microsoft Azure Virtual Networking enables you to create logically isolated networks in Azure and securely connect them to your on-premises datacenter over the Internet or using a private network connection. In addition, individual client machines can connect to an isolated Azure network… Read more

Modern Datacenter Architecture Patterns-Global Load Balanced Web Tier

The Global Load Balanced Web Tier design pattern details the Azure features and services required to deliver web tier services that can provide predictable performance and high availability across geographic boundaries. Table of Contents 1 Overview    1.1 Pattern Requirements and Service Description' 2 Architecture Pattern    2.1 Pattern Dependencies    2.2 Azure Services   … Read more

Cloud Platform Integration Framework–Overview

The Cloud Platform Integration Framework (CPIF) provides workload integration guidance for onboarding applications into a Microsoft Cloud Solution. CPIF describes how organizations, Microsoft Partners and Solution Integrators should design and deploy Cloud-targeted workloads utilizing the hybrid cloud platform and management capabilities of Azure, System Center and Windows Server Table of Contents 1 Introduction      1.1… Read more

Automation–Service Management Automation & Azure Automation–Complex Asset Creation and Usage

Hello Readers! What if I told you that you could store and leverage Hashtables as Variable Assets in Service Management Automation (SMA) AND Azure Automation (AA)? Well you can! It takes a little more effort, but the ROI is well worth it…after all, who wants to store the same Hashtable of information over and over throughout… Read more

Automation–System Center Automation Team Blogs–September 2014 Cross-Post Update!

Hello Readers! Over the last couple months there have been quite a few posts being published by the “System Center Automation Team”! In fact, they are now publishing posts to both their existing System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog, as well as the Azure Blog. Pretty exciting stuff! So, what did the System Center Automation Team… Read more

Configuring Docker with PowerShell DSC

The post today comes from Andrew Weiss, a very talented consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services.  Andrew has been working on a great project that provides the ability to manage Docker containers using PowerShell DSC.  Thank you Andrew for contributing your article on Building Clouds! With the release of the first preview build of Windows PowerShell… Read more