Windows Azure Pack – Reconfigure portal names, ports and use trusted certificates

Following up from the Installing and configuring Windows Azure Pack (WAP) series we are now at the point where we want to reconfigure server names and ports as well as assigning trusted certificates to my WAP Portals. Blog post in the series are: Installing & Configuring Windows Azure Pack Configuring Ports and Certificates for Windows… Read more

Windows Azure Pack – Installing & Configuring Series.

After numerous requests from people we have talked to, we are now doing a blog post on how to install Windows Azure Pack and configuring the basic settings for IaaS and Databases Resource Providers. In the following series of blog posts Shri from the Windows Azure Pack Product team and I will explain how you… Read more

Troubleshooting Windows Azure Pack – Plans and Subscriptions

Hello Readers Next topic on our Windows Azure Pack (WAP) Troubleshooting tour is "Plans and Subscriptions". Briefly Plan, Subscriptions and Resource Providers can be described in the following way: Tenant: One or more individuals consuming services from the Windows Azure Pack via a subscription. Plan: Contains one or more services (Resource Providers: VM, DB, Web,… Read more

I have a Surface RT and going away for a few days, now what??? I have a MSDN subscription :-) (Part 1)

I know many of you have seen the super cool blog post where my fellow team members build a private cloud out of their new Surface Pros. It was a cool idea and people really loved the video.   The cool thing about the Surface Pro is that it’s a normal PC and you can… Read more

Active Directory Considerations in Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks – Part 6 – Name Resolution and Geo-distribution

This is the end, the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end. Did you think this series would never come to an end? It has. This is the last post in our blog series on Active Directory considerations for Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks. In the first part of… Read more

Azure Site to Site VPN Fails to Transmit Data–Tales of NAT Traversal

Yuri Diogenes and I have recently been working on a project that includes connecting an on premises network to a Windows Azure Virtual Network. In order to do this, you need to establish a site to site VPN connection between your corporate network and the Azure Virtual Network. To do this in a supported fashion,… Read more