Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 3): Working with the conformance endpoint

This blog post covers how to deploy/configure, and work with the conformance endpoint. It includes details about the type of information returned, as well as sample ways to generate reports with meaningful data. Configuring Conformance Endpoint Similar to the pull service endpoint, we can use the xDscWebService resource from the DSC resource kit to configure… Read more

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 2): Deploying a pull service endpoint and automating the configuration of the DSC nodes

In this post, we will cover how a pull service endpoint can be installed, and how nodes can be configured to point to this server and retrieve their DSC configurations. There are already a few blog posts regarding the installation of the pull service endpoint, including this post that shows a snippet on how to… Read more

Desired State Configuration (DSC) Nodes Deployment and Conformance Reporting Series (Part 1): Series agenda, Understanding the DSC conformance endpoint

In any configuration management process, once the configuration is applied to the target systems, it is necessary to monitor these systems for any configuration drift. This is an important step and Desired State Configuration (DSC), which is addressed differently depending on the chosen deployment mode for DSC – push mode or pull mode. In the… Read more

The case of the “Silly” DSC custom resource

In recent customer conversations, we got feedback that documentation on writing a custom Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) resource is still something which can use improvement, especially in the areas of step-by-step examples. Therefore, I have decided to write up a “silly” custom DSC resource to get our readers quickly up and running with… Read more

Automation–MVP Spotlight Series–Integration Story: How to take the Imports (SharePoint and SMA) & Import them into your Environment

Okay Readers – we have the next post ready to go! Here is the fifth of six posts in the MVP Spotlight Series for the Automation Track… –MVP Spotlight Series– Integration Story: How to take the Imports (SharePoint and SMA) & Import them into your Environment by Ryan Andorfer DFS Share Creation: Integrating at Home… Read more

Automation–System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog–July 2014 Cross-Post Update!

Hello Readers! It is that time again; time for me to cross-reference the great work being published over on the System Center Orchestrator Engineering Blog and now the Azure Blog! So, what did the System Center AUTOMATION Engineering Team publish since our last Cross-Post…? 1 Orchestrator, 3 Service Management Automation, and 4 Azure Automation Posts!… Read more

Automation–Microsoft Azure Automation–Create New Azure VM Endpoint

Hello Readers! Here we are again, this time, with another example Runbook ready to use with Azure Automation! This is my 3rd Azure Automation Runbook Contribution to Script Center under the Windows Azure – Automation Sub-Category (you can find my first two, here and here). In fact, the Windows Azure – Automation Script Center example… Read more

Migration Automation Toolkit next steps

Over the last few years our team has had the opportunity to work on multiple VMware to Hyper-V migration toolkits.  These community contributions were not “supported” other than being supplements to supported tools and authored in PowerShell.  Any time you create an example or quick-start type solution the best you can hope for is that… Read more

Automation–Microsoft Azure Automation–Provision Azure Environment Resources from Gallery

Hello Readers! As you may recall, I published this post (Automation–Microsoft Azure Automation–The Evolution of Cloud Automation) last month, as my first experience with Microsoft Azure Automation. It illustrated the evolution – my evolution – through and to where we are with Cloud Automation. Here I am again, with a new script – well, in… Read more

PowerShell Blog Series, Part 4 – How-To use PowerShell DSC from your workstation to test PowerShell JEA, in Azure.

Yesterday I published a little bit of a teaser with screenshots demonstrating the ability to automate publishing VM’s in Azure as a method of testing PowerShell Just Enough Administration.  Today I am publishing a technical write-up on how you can setup your workstation to very easily spin up and tear down test virtual machines in… Read more