Whitepaper – Architecting Hybrid Cloud Environments

IT is experiencing a rapid sea of change towards greater consumption of capacity and services through public cloud providers. Enterprises are increasingly feeling pressured to leverage the cost economies and flexibility of cloud-based IT strategies. For most, the reality of current on-premises investments will dictate a gradual transformation from existing on-premises datacenters to cloud-based solutions…. Read more

Thoughts on Nano Server improving Infrastructure Architect Designs

This week at Ignite we uncovered more details on the new and exciting products that will be fundamental to our cloud platform moving forward.  This includes a smaller installation footprint for Windows Server, known as Nano Server.  Microsoft currently offers an installation option for Windows Server named Server Core that provides a minimal installation of… Read more

White paper: Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds

  Hello readers! This blog post introduces the “Modern Application Modeling and Configuration for Infrastructure Clouds” white paper from the Enterprise Cloud Group (ECG) CAT team, that you can download at the link below. We hope you will find this resource useful! Audience This document is for IT professionals or application owners interested in understanding… Read more

CPS Management Cluster and Its Performance

By now, I hope that you’ve had some opportunities to read and understand what Cloud Platform System (CPS) is, how the fabric monitoring capability works in CPS, how we take advantage of CPS inside of Microsoft, and how we're building and testing Microsoft workloads in this platform. In today’s post, we’d like to take you… Read more

Cloud Platform Integration Framework–Overview

The Cloud Platform Integration Framework (CPIF) provides workload integration guidance for onboarding applications into a Microsoft Cloud Solution. CPIF describes how organizations, Microsoft Partners and Solution Integrators should design and deploy Cloud-targeted workloads utilizing the hybrid cloud platform and management capabilities of Azure, System Center and Windows Server Table of Contents 1 Introduction      1.1… Read more

Microsoft Cloud Platform Integration Framework – Architecture

The Cloud Platform Integration Framework (CPIF) provides an enterprise or cloud service provider architect patterns that helps bridge the gaps between infrastructure and workloads by providing guidance to application and workload teams for integrating with the Microsoft cloud platform. Cloud Platform Integration Framework Overview and Patterns: Cloud Platform Integration Framework – Overview and Architecture Modern… Read more

Thank You TechEd Europe 2014!

Hello Readers and Viewers! Quite a few Enterprise Cloud Group CAT Team Members / Building Clouds Bloggers were speakers at TechEd Europe this year! On behalf of the team, I would like to express our appreciation to the many thousands of attendees that showed up ready to learn and experience everything TechEd had to offer… Read more

The Virtualization Fabric Design Considerations Guide is now available online and for download!

You’re no doubt familiar with Windows Server Hyper-V, and how simple it is to install on Windows Server.  If you want to use it to host hundreds or thousands of virtual machines running mission critical workloads in your environment though, then you need to do more than just install it.  You need to determine which… Read more

Contoso Labs-Rack Design – Part 1

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Now that we have all of our equipment, we need to figure out what our deployment footprint looks like. It’s worth noting that while we’re discussing this like it was a linear process, this is actually one of the many interdependencies we had to manage during the planning… Read more

Contoso Labs-Network Purchasing (Device Types)

Contoso Labs Series – Table of Contents Now that Cisco has been chosen as the vendor for our network, we need to identify the layers of our network fabric, and the devices to be used in those roles. We’ll have a 3-level network topology when done. Some devices will act as leaf node top-of-rack switches…. Read more