xPDT – the Next Generation of Deployment Automation

In my last post, I introduced a new set of DSC resources available in the DSC Resource Kit Wave 8 that enable automated deployment of System Center and related prerequisites including SQL Server. In the DSC Resource Kit Wave 9, we added resources for Azure Pack. In the DSC Resource Kit Wave 10, we will… Read more

Microsoft uses Cloud Platform System (CPS) in production for engineering workloads

You don’t often think about enterprise private clouds and high scale going together.  45K VMs running, 200K cores and 20K VMs created and deleted per day must surely be the domain of public cloud hosters?  In fact this is Microsoft’s internal private IaaS cloud (called Nebula) offering compute capacity for development and validation to Microsoft… Read more

IT Pros: Trade Your Tech Support Stories for a Surface Pro 3

The Enterprise Mobility Suite team has just launched a contest looking for the best tales from tech support – those things that end users do that (without you) would make your IT totally unsecure or insufficient. Check out Brad Anderson’s post on the Enterprise Mobility Team blog for more details and to enter…. Read more

Azure Pack Tenant portal extensibilities – Part 2

Multiple domain names and themes on a single Tenant portal On to the First extensibility then! Before I go on further to explain how this is done, let’s re-iterate on the scenario we’re trying to tackle here. Problem Statement Contoso Hosting is a hosting company that has stood up a private cloud stack with Azure… Read more

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) with Azure Pack Tips, Tricks & Troubleshooting

We have been getting a lot of interesting questions from customers and partners who have implemented AD FS as an identity system for Azure Pack and bringing us some very interesting scenarios. This blog post is an outcome of our engagement with those folks. I will be discussing a few of the lesser-known features/ tips… Read more

Azure Pack Tenant portal extensibilities – Part 1

Hello folks! Hope everyone had a great holiday! Its been a while since I last blogged and so I thought I’d kick start the good habit again in the new year with an interesting blog series. In this series, I am going to talk about a certain set of extensibilities we enabled for Azure pack… Read more