Security Threat Analysis – Using Operations Management Suite

This blog post is aimed at positioning Operations Management Suite (hereafter called OMS) in the world of security forensic investigations and to provide a security investigation example. Before diving into OMS, it is good to have a basic understanding of what kinds of threats exist, what high-level counter measures the security market has to… Read more

Whitepaper – Designing Your Network Infrastructure For Disaster Recovery

In the current cycle of customer validation during the last 12 months, we have been working with many enterprise organizations and service providers in order to deliver successful Azure Site Recovery (ASR) deployments. The journey has been great and interesting. In a world where everyone expects 24/7 connectivity, it is more important than ever to… Read more

Private Cloud Health Feedback Request

For this post, we are glad to host Sarah Sinclair, Program Manager in Microsoft’s Private Cloud Solutions Group.  Hello Private Cloud Admins!  My name is Sarah and I’m a Program Manager on the Private Cloud Solutions Group.  We’re looking for feedback from customers like you about which private cloud system components you consider the most critical… Read more

Extending Windows Azure Pack Using Service Management API

In the past 12 or more months I’ve worked quite a bit with Windows Azure Packs API layer, the Service Management API’s. Most of this was working with users who are not always C# or PowerShell users and they wanted to understand how to interact with the API’s. They wanted somewhat of a quick start… Read more

Microsoft and Nutanix

Hello Again!  This is Vijay Tewari, Principal Group Program Manager for Private Cloud Solutions.  Yesterday I had the privilege of joining Nutanix on stage for the keynote of their first ever .NEXT user conference. Microsoft and Nutanix have built a solid partnership, built on jointly engineered solutions and a laser focus on customer scenarios and… Read more

Identity In Hybrid Cloud

IT is facing increased challenges in today’s world to keep up with users’ demands and keeping users productive, while also ensuring that they are safeguarding information and users’ identity. Proliferation of modern devices with various form factors, and users’ need to access cloud-based or on-premises applications from anywhere, means that identity plays a crucial role… Read more

Self-service deployment of Microsoft workloads on Cloud Platform System (and other systems with Windows Azure Pack) – Part 4

For this post, we are glad to host Thomas Roettinger, Program Manager in Microsoft’s ECG CAT Team focusing on Cloud Solutions. Thomas announces the availability of another workload self-service deployment sample: remote desktop session hosting. In this post, I am glad to announce the availability of the Remote Desktop Session Hosting(RDSH) as an addition to… Read more

Coming soon to a datacenter near you : Azure Stack

Hello Readers! Since the announcement of the upcoming release of Microsoft Azure Stack during the Ignite event in Chicago earlier this month, many of you have been enquiring about where to learn more about the associated technologies, how to prepare, and when evaluating Azure Stack will be possible. This blog post will provide guidance on… Read more

Disaster Recovery for the Microsoft Cloud Platform System

We are glad to host Rochak Mittal, Senior Program Manager in the Azure Site Recovery (ASR) team. ASR provides disaster recovery capabilities in CPS. Rochak walks us through why DR matters and what the steps involved are. Most organizations consider disaster recovery (DR) a complicated process that is troublesome to manage and test. DR planning… Read more

Tell us your thoughts on private cloud solutions and operations!

The Private Cloud Solutions team would like your feedback to help prioritize our investments in the development of private cloud solutions – including future versions of the Cloud Platform System and Private Cloud Fast Track. We would like to hear how you think about private cloud solutions and operations today, and what your plans are… Read more