Ignite sessions now posted

We are back from Ignite and the excitement there was palpable. It was indeed a unique experience being there amongst our customers and partners. Interacting with customers and getting feedback from you is vital to help us prioritize and develop solutions that meet your needs – more on this tomorrow!

At Ignite, we shared information about new capabilities that we are continually adding to CPS. For a quick overview of CPS and Fast Track, see this short Channel 9 interview with Vijay Tewari.

If you were not able to attend the conference, or if you would like to watch the sessions again, they are now available on Channel 9:

Overview of the Microsoft Cloud Platform System 

Operating the Microsoft Cloud Platform System 

Architectural Deep Dive into the Microsoft Cloud Platform System 

Deep Dive in the Microsoft Cloud Platform System Networking 

Automating Workload Provisioning: SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and RDS on CPS. 

In fact, all Ignite sessions are posted on Channel 9 – enjoy!