Introducing the updated JEA Helper Tool

Hello Readers! Just Enough Administration (JEA) is one of the very exciting security features coming with Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.0, and that you can also find in Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 (TP4). For those of you not familiar with JEA’s features and benefits, you can have a look at the experience guide… Read more

Microsoft and HPE partner to bring Azure in your datacenter with hyper-converged CPS Standard solution

Today at the Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Discover 2015 conference in London, Microsoft and HP announced important joint hybrid cloud initiatives, including the availability of HPE’s first Cloud Platform System solution. The HPE Hyper-Converged 250 for Microsoft Cloud Platform System Standard (CS 250) is the industry’s first hyper-converged system with true hybrid capabilities. Jointly engineered by… Read more

Automated deployment of workloads: new solutions for centralized desktops

For this post, we are glad to host Thomas Roettinger, Program Manager in Microsoft’s Private Cloud Solutions team. Today we announce the availability of two new automation solutions for desktop centralization: we have just posted new samples that enable the automation of Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Personal and Pooled Virtual Desktops) as well as samples… Read more

Windows Azure Pack Database as a Service and Websites available for deployment on Cloud Platform System Premium

For this post, we are glad to host Thomas Roettinger, Program Manager in the Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions Team. Update (Jan. 12, 2016): an updated package has been posted on WebPI today. The package updates the AD Service template to fix an issue with DNS zone; the SQL Server template to provide more flexibility with… Read more

Creating and Connecting an ExpressRoute Circuit with Azure Resource Manager

Hi readers, it’s me again. I wanted to highlight that the Azure ExpressRoute documentation has been updated to explain how to create and connect an ExpressRoute circuit with ARM. Go to the How To section and you’ll see the details to perform this (for example, this article explains how to create and modify ER circuits… Read more

Microsoft and Dell Extend Hybrid Cloud System Family with CPS Standard

One year and one day from the announcement of the Microsoft Cloud Platform System, we are happy to expand the CPS family of hybrid cloud systems. Today at Dell World, Satya Nadella joined Michael Dell on stage to talk about new solutions and investments Microsoft and Dell are jointly making to bring customers into the… Read more

Windows Server Containers, what are they and where do they fit?

There are a lot of questions to be answered around Windows Server Containers. Two top questions are “what are they” and “where do they fit”. To answer these questions fully would require too much time and too much soapboxing for me to put in this blog post.  I’ll do that in a later post, but… Read more

CPS Update 2 Released

As announced on September 16th, today Microsoft made available the second package of updates to Cloud Platform System (CPS).  CPS Update 2 helps make it easier and less costly to secure, back up, and recover your cloud infrastructure and your tenant and customer data, and track and demonstrate your compliance with FedRAMP requirements. BitLocker Drive Encryption… Read more

Microsoft CPS Pre-Validated For FedRAMP Compliance

Hello everyone, this is Filippo Seracini from the Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions team. I am here to tell you about the work we have done to facilitate your FedRAMP authorization for the Microsoft Cloud Platform System (CPS). Who should read this post? This blog post describes Microsoft’s investment in configuring and validating CPS to make… Read more

Windows Azure Pack – Using the new AD Security Groups based Plan filtering feature in UR7

With the new Update Rollup 7 of Windows Azure Pack, we have a new feature that has been one of the top asks for the core services in our User Voice page. This feature is best described as  “Plan filtering based on AD Security Groups”. Before UR7, a Plan can have 2 visibility states: Public… Read more