Thank You TechEd Europe 2014!

Hello Readers and Viewers!

Quite a few Enterprise Cloud Group CAT Team Members / Building Clouds Bloggers were speakers at TechEd Europe this year!

On behalf of the team, I would like to express our appreciation to the many thousands of attendees that showed up ready to learn and experience everything TechEd had to offer in the great city of Barcelona, Spain!

Below is the collection of of the six (6) CAT Team Member delivered TechEd Europe 2014 Sessions – all with session video:

CDP-B313: Leveraging Service Management Automation and Windows PowerShell JEA in Service Provider Operations

by Charles Joy and Michael Greene (video link)

CDP-B326: Managing Platform-as-a-Service with the Azure Pack

by Nader Benmessaoud and Anders Ravnholt (video link)

CDP-B353: Automated Workload Provisioning with the Azure Pack and Windows PowerShell

by Charles Joy, Michael Greene, Jeff Goldner and Tiander Turpijn (video link)

CDP-B338: Lessons Learned from a Customer Integrating a Custom Portal with the Azure Pack

Victor Arzate and Markus Klein (video link)

CDP-B361: Architecting Software Defined Storage: Design Patterns from Real-World Deployments

by Joshua Adams (video link)

EM-B315: Deploying Remote Desktop Services Roles in Microsoft Azure and Private Cloud

by Clark Nicholson and Thomas Roettinger (video link)

And while we did not present in the following session, much of the ECG CAT Team’s time leading up to TechEd Europe was dedicated to this exciting new technology offering from Microsoft:

CDP-B232: Introducing the NEW Microsoft Cloud Platform System

by Vijay Tewari, Michael Schulz and Jonobie Ford (video link)

Be sure to check out all the other TechEd Europe 2014 Content on Channel 9 here:

Thanks again for everyone that had a chance to join us in Barcelona for TechEd Europe 2014! And for those of you who did not get the chance, hopefully the above videos provide you with the information you were looking for on these exciting topics!

As always, please keep checking back with the Building Clouds Blog for even more Enterprise Cloud Group CAT content!