Building Clouds on TechNet Radio! DevOps, and Automation, and Configuration Management, Oh My!

Hello Readers, Listeners, and Viewers!

Did You Know?

Michael Green and Charles Joy of the Building Clouds Blog each had a part in the June 2014 TechNet Radio Series:

Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and Friends!


So – If you did know, and have watched the series, Thank You!

And if this is news – Great! Now you have something to watch over the upcoming US Holiday weekend!

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Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud

As referenced above, the “Accelerate DevOps with the Cloud” series on TechNet Radio took place over four weeks in June 2014, in 10 separate segments, each 30-45 minutes in duration.

The following is a listing of the 10-part series, with embedded video for the two parts Michael and Charles contributed:

Already with 30K+ views each, this was a obviously a fantastic opportunity, and we are honored to be included in such a great line-up of folks!