Deployment–PDT 2.6 is now available on the TechNet Gallery

PowerShell Deployment Toolkit version 2.6 has now been posted to the TechNet Gallery here.

Version 2.6 resolves a number of bugs, and also adds the following capabilities:

  • High availability for roles that require network load balancing
  • Shared VHDX creation
  • VM creation updates:
  •        Generation 2 VMs
  •        VLAN Tagging
  •        MAC Spoofing
  •        Autostop Settings
  •        Guest Services
  • Deployment of Windows Azure Pack Web Sites
  • Deployment of cumulative updates for SQL Server 2012
  • Ability to specify groups for server admins per component
  • Ability to specify a product key for Windows Server
  • VMCreator for AD does not delete log files after Installer completes
  • VMCreator for AD does not delete source files if Installer fails
  • Check for Web Platform Installer in Downloader

Several of the above will be the topics of further blog posts over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!