Introducing Application Management

With the recent release of System Center 2012 SP1 we have embarked on an approach that allows more collaboration between development and operation teams than in the past – and this will have a big impact on the topic of Application Management. First, who am I? I’m a Sr. Program Manager who joined Microsoft through… Read more

Automation–Orchestrator Integration Pack for MSSQL Tasks

Hello! Back again…this time with another “oldie but goodie tool”. I found that the format I used for my previous post worked well for refreshing this kind of content, so I will stick with that moving forward. So, here we go, the second “real” post after my introduction…and this post and its associated deliverable is… Read more

Network Virtualization Guide with System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager Service Pack 1 by Kristian Nese

One of the most interesting features included with Windows Server 2012 is the Hyper-V Network Virtualization capability. This feature allows you to move your virtual machines from data center to data center, or from data center to cloud service provider hosting environment and keep the IP addressing information that has already been assigned to the… Read more

Automation–Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation

Hello once again Readers and Viewers! So, here we are, first “real” post after my introduction…and this post and its associated deliverable is dedicated to the: Orchestrator Integration Pack for Text Manipulation 1.1 History The very first version of this was created with the old Quick Integration Kit (QIK). It was actually the first Integration… Read more

The Launch of the “Building Clouds” blog

Managing a fully functional, automated, and efficient cloud environment is a dream scenario for nearly every IT pro, but building that environment can be pretty daunting.  The Building Clouds blog is intended to help IT Pros navigate these common barriers by providing a technically detailed look at how they can build and maintain an enterprise-grade… Read more

Introduction to Hyper-V and Microsoft Virtualization for VMware Pros–Free Classes

FREE is second only to winning the lottery or the trifecta. And free IT training can be worth its weight in Gold. That’s why I wanted to tell you about some new free training our private cloud colleagues have put together and will be delivering this week. There are two new classes that will be… Read more

TechEd 2013–Architecture Track (ARC)–What Do You Want to See?

Can you believe it? There are only 19 weeks left until TechEd North America and 21 weeks left to TechEd Europe! TechEd is always a great experience. A real “shot I the arm” in the middle of the year when you really need it. I’ve been able to attend and present at TechEd for 8… Read more

Cloud Innovators–Tom Shinder and Yuri Diogenes on TechNet Radio

Have you been hearing a lot about the cloud but you’re not sure what it’s about? Does this cloud stuff sound like marketing and hype to you? Are there any real, substantive differences between cloud computing and what you’re doing now in your datacenters? What about security – how does cloud computing change or realign… Read more

Building Clouds–An Introduction to the Automation Track

Hello Readers and Viewers! Some of you may recognize me from this blog – well, today I am here to (re)introduce myself and my content with a new “SP1” feel. That is correct – with the recent release of System Center 2012 SP1, I thought I would provide a re-introduction of who I am, what… Read more