Deploying complex solutions into virtualized environments – or "To virtualize or not to virtualize"

A very active topic in the world  of private cloud regards which applications should be virtualized and which applications need to run in a traditional, siloed datacenter environment. At this time it’s hard to come up with a definite “right answer” on either side of the debate. However, it’s something that you will definitely need… Read more

Automating Virtual Machine Migration from Hyper-V 2.0 To 3.0

Many customers (including many service providers) have deployed Windows Server 2012 with System Center 2012 SP1 to deliver cloud-based services for IaaS, DaaS and SaaS. These customers are reducing costs by leveraging their existing investments in a datacenter that has virtual machines (VMs) deployed under Windows Server 2008 R2. Now they need a way to… Read more

Buildings Clouds–Just For Fun

By now, most of the Technical Enablement and Delivery team – aka TED – have introduced themselves in the various tracks on this blog… immediately followed by posts in their tracks containing valuable information that is likely relevant to anyone that is, well, building clouds.  Hence the name of the blog.  We’re clever like that…. Read more

The Portal—Gateway to the Cloud

In this post, Jamal Malik discusses how the portal is the gateway for the consumer of a cloud service and how the portal is related to the key feature that has been responsible for driving the success of cloud computing – that being the simplification of IT and aligning services with business requirements. Enjoy! –Tom…. Read more

The CMDB–The Heart of the Cloud

In this short article, Jamal Malik, one of our business solutions architects discusses why he considers the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to be the “heart” of the cloud. Enjoy! –Tom.   A few months back I wrote a thread around how the “Portal is the Gateway to the Cloud”, Behind the scenes of the Portal… Read more

Automation–Orchestrating Hyper-V Replica with System Center for Planned Failover

Hello Readers/Viewers! I am excited to announce the release of my Example Runbooks for Hyper-V Replica (and beyond!) What is included? 56 Example Runbooks! The Runbooks target Windows Server, Windows Server Hyper-V, System Center 2012 SP1 Virtual Machine Manager, System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager, and Exchange 2 Specific Example Demo Scenarios One with other… Read more

Deployment–The PDT Downloader

In my last post, I introduced the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit, or PDT.  As I mentioned in that post, before you are able to run Installer.ps1 from PDT, you will need all the software to be used in the deployment.  This is more than just the System Center 2012 SP1 bits – you will also need… Read more

Deployment–Introducing PowerShell Deployment Toolkit

In this post, I want to provide an overview of the “PowerShell Deployment Toolkit”, or PDT. PDT is a set of scripts and knowledge that can be used to deploy… well, probably just about anything, but the samples we provide are for deployment of System Center 2012 SP1. There’s nothing to stop someone from modifying… Read more

VM Conversion or VM Migration?

When I speak to people about moving VMs over to Hyper-V I generally use the term migrate. I actually differentiate the terms “migration” and “conversion”, at least in the context of VMs (Maybe just because I’m a former English major). Alright, so this certainly isn’t any sort of standard or official convention but I find… Read more

The ‘Building Clouds’ Blog Heads to TechReady 16

Starting on Monday, the writers of the ‘Building Clouds’ blog will present six sessions at TechReady 16. TechReady is a semi-annual, week-long technical conference for Microsoft employees from around the world.  The conference focuses on trainings for upcoming product releases, as well as intensive overviews of existing products. Sessions hosted by ‘Building Clouds’ writers will… Read more