Automation–Track News–Building Clouds Blog TechNet Forum Live!

Hello Readers, Viewers and everyone with many questions!

On behalf of the Automation Track, I would like to announce the grand opening of the Building Clouds TechNet Forum:

Check out the Forum Announcement here: Building Clouds Announcement

With the forum being live, I have created the following “Discussion” Thread: Building Clouds Blog Forum – Automation Track Discussion [General]

Some ground rules for this “Discussion” Thread:

We would like to keep the scope of this forum discussion topic to the following:

  • General Automation Track Discussion and Questions
  • Automation Track Blog Post “How Tos”
  • Automation Track Tech Net Gallery Contribution “How Tos”
  • Automation Track Topic Suggestions

Other than that, please direct specific Blog Post / Example Solution Questions to specific Forum Question Topics:

Click “Ask a question” at the top left of the Forum, and ask away!


(or click here to be taken right to the “Ask a  question” form!)

Note     Turnaround on responses may take up to a week, depending on Building Clouds Blogger workload and ongoing commitments.

Thanks for checking it out! For more information, tips/tricks, and example solutions for Automation within System Center, Windows Azure Pack, Windows Azure, etc., be sure to check out the other blog posts from Building Clouds in the Automation Track!