Cloud OS Video Series 1–Service Template Building Blocks

The Cloud OS Video series is a collection of videos that help you understand the technology, deployment, and management of the Cloud OS leveraging Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1.

Each video is designed to be less than 10 minutes and cover a specific topic. These allows you to target your learning easily or quickly refresh on how to perform an action.

SERIES One – Service Template Building Blocks

This video series discusses the Service Template in System Center Virtual Machine Manager and how to create reusable building blocks that reduce the time to assemble virtual machine and service templates. The series covers the creation of Hardware Profiles, Guest OS Profiles, Application Profiles, VM Templates, and Service Templates.

Your presenter for the Service Template Building Blocks series is Robert Larson from Microsoft Consulting Services.

Cloud OS Video Series 1 – Video 1: Service Template Building Blocks: Hardware Profiles

Cloud OS Video Series 1 – Video 2: Service Template Building Blocks: Guest OS Profiles

Cloud OS Video Series 1 – Video 3: Service Template Building Blocks: VM Templates

Cloud OS Video Series 1 – Video 4: Service Template Building Blocks: Application Profiles

Cloud OS Video Series 1 – Video 5: Service Template Building Blocks: Service Templates

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Cloud OS Video Series 1–Service Template Building Blocks

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