TechEd 2013-Ulrich Homann on How to Drive Down TCO for Datacenter Applications using Private Cloud

Dr. Tom ShinderOnly five weeks left before TechEd! (if you’re reading this today). We’re more than half way through Building Clouds Blogintroducing the presentations we have in store for you for the Architecture (ARC) track. Today I’d like to reintroduce you to our track’s keynote speaker – Uli Homann. Uli is our Chief Architect in Microsoft Worldwide services, and he’s delivering two sessions in the ARC track this year. His first session is Demystifying Devices and Services and the second one is on How to Drive Down TCO for Datacenter Applications using Private Cloud.

Private cloud is a big deal for us, and we hope for you as well, as it will enable you to gain the cost savings and efficiencies that come with cloud computing. But what about the applications that run on your private cloud? Sure, you can have the cloud infrastructure and fabric management pieces in place and you’ll have cloud, but how are your applications going to take advantage of that cool cloud system so that you can realize a reduction in your Total Cost of Ownership for those cloud Cloud and Datacenter Solutions Hubsituated applications?

In this session Uli will share with you what Microsoft services has learned in this area and provide you with information that you can take home and take advantage of all the great cloud attributes to improve the level of service for your applications.

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But first, here’s some information about Uli.


Ulrich HomannUlrich Homann (Uli to his friends) is the Chief Architect for Microsoft worldwide enterprise services. As part of the office of the CTO, he is responsible for the management and enterprise architecture of key strategic projects all over the world. Uli also defines and drives technical strategy for emerging technologies and trends such as cloud or in-memory computing. He is responsible for setting adoption and support strategy for the key technologies and its relevancy in the worldwide services business as well developing new senior technical talent.

Formerly Uli played a key role in the newly formed Platforms, Technology and Strategy Group at Microsoft. As solutions architect, Uli was responsible for the development and strategy for Microsoft in the area of business architecture and its relationship to solution architecture, software tools and infrastructure. Uli also drove critical parts of the design and architecture of Web services and integration of the .NET platform with providers and consumers of business applications. The latter responsibility requires him to engage and interact closely with key partners and strategic customer projects. Uli was deeply involved in the establishment of Microsoft’s Business Applications Division and the acquisition of Great Plains Software.

Previously, Uli was program manager in the Enterprise Program Management responsible for the development relationship with key partners, mainly SAP AG. Uli also served as part of Microsoft Consulting Services, where he was responsible for several key distributed database application projects in Germany.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 1991, Uli worked for several small consulting companies, where he designed and developed distributed systems.

Uli has more than 20 years of experience in the systems industry. He has spent most of his career using well-defined applications and architectures to simplify and streamline the development of business applications. His dedication to this pursuit is driven by a passion to improve product planning by working closely with customers and their applications.
Uli holds a bachelor of computer science from the University of Cologne, Germany.

Presentation Title: Win with Private Cloud: How to Drive Down TCO for Datacenter Applications (ATC-B214)

Presenter: Ulrich Homann

Duration: 75 mins

Format: Breakout session

You’ve heard about private cloud and think maybe it has something, maybe even a lot, to offer. But when the talk turns to cost, questions seem to abound. This session covers architectural concepts around private cloud Infrastructure as a Service that you can use to help drive down the total cost of ownership for tier 1 enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange Server, Lync Server and SQL Server. Learn how to optimize and modernize existing applications so that they run in a private cloud. In addition, learn how to assess your current application stack to determine which workloads lend themselves to private cloud deployment and which ones may need to remain as part of legacy IT. Detailed discussions on how hypervisor architecture, data center management techniques, resource pooling, elasticity and self-service can all work together to drive down costs. Demonstrations of cloud packs provide illustrative evidence of the cost saving potential of private cloud. .

Looking forward to seeing you all there!



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