TechEd 2013-Josh Adams-Yuri Diogenes-Tom Shinder on Cloud Infrastructure Design

imageIt’s been fun introducing the sessions in the Architecture Track at TechEd North America and Europe. Now I’d like to tell you about one of the session that I’m presenting in. In the session Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure: A Practical Design Scenario I will be presenting with Josh Adams and Yuri Diogenes.

Many of you probably know my background, but for those of you who don’t, let me tell you a little bit about me. I’ve been in the IT business for 17 years. Prior to that I was a neurologist in private practice. I switched careers because I felt that I was losing my autonomy in the practice of medicine and IT had a real “go West young man” allure. So, I switched to IT consulting for a few years and then started training and writing about Windows Server and Windows security.

I wrote my first book, which was about Windows TCP/IP in 1999 and since then I’ve written or contributed to over 40 books on a number of IT topics. Around the year 2000 I fell in love with a product code named “Comet” which subsequently was named ISA Server 2000. Together with my wife, Deb Shinder, we wrote a best selling book on ISA Server 2000 and became affiliated with, which my wife still contributes to. I ended up writing 7 more books about ISA and its successor TMG. I joined Microsoft in 2009 and started on the UAG DirectAccess team, and ran a popular blog named “The Edge Man”. I then moved to the Windows Server Solutions Team, which I’m still on, and my current focus is on cloud infrastructure technologies and design. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and drive a 10 year old Ford Ranger Smile



Yuri Diogenes has worked in IT since 1994. Yuri has a MBA from FGV in Brazil and currently he is candidate for a Masters of Science Degree in Cybersecurity Intelligence & Forensics from the UTICA College in New York. Yuri currently works for Microsoft as Senior Technical Writer in the in the Server and Cloud Division Information Experience Group, prior to joining this group, Yuri also worked with Windows security and worked at Microsoft CSS as a Senior Security Support Escalation Engineer in the Forefront Edge Security Team. He is co-author of Forefront TMG Administrator’s Companion book from Microsoft Press, co-author of other three books about Forefront (UAG, TMG and FPE) from Microsoft Press and also co-author of a Security+ book (in Portuguese). Yuri holds several industry certifications, including CISSP, E|CEH, E|CSA, CompTIA, Security+, CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certified, CompTIA Network+, CASP, MCSE, MCTS, MCT and many other Microsoft certifications.

imageWith a background rooted in the sciences (Bachelor of Science Degree in Structural Engineering and minors in Mathematics and Physics), Josh Adams made the transition to the IT industry over 15 years ago.  During that time he has worked in varying capacities including as a Software Test Engineer, a Field Consultant and a Program Manager, gravitating towards rolls that involved interfacing with customers and overcoming technical challenges.  Currently a Senior Program Manager in the Partner and Customer Ecosystem (PaCE) team at Microsoft (10 year tenure), he focuses on the end-to-end design and validation of Microsoft-based solutions running on next the generation of software.


Presentation Title: Architecting a Cloud Infrastructure: A Practical Design Scenario (ATC-B203)

Presenters: Josh Adams, Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder

Duration: 75 mins

Level: 300

Format: Breakout session

From dedicated Hosters and CSVs to sophisticated Enterprises, a resilient and scalable Cloud Infrastructure allows customers to focus on their core business: delivering value-added services and increasing profitability.  This talk, aimed at demystifying the myriad of decisions in building this foundation, offers practical planning and design advice through a mix of technical discussions and live demos, empowering attendees to make informed decisions around compute, networking and storage.  Cloud Infrastructure is an abstraction; the concepts presented are tangible.  Come join the discussion.



Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, SCD iX Solutions Group
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