Deployment–PDT 2.4 is now available on the TechNet Gallery

PowerShell Deployment Toolkit version 2.4 has now been posted to the TechNet Gallery here.  Version 2.4 adds more pre-installation validation, as well as several switches:

  • Downloader.ps1 allows a switch -DeploymentOnly which will read the variable.xml and only download what is needed for the deployment specified.
  • Installer.ps1 allows a switch -ValidateOnly which will run the pre-installation validation but not run the deployment.
  • Installer.ps1 allows a switch -SkipValidation with parameters All, Local, ActiveDirectory, and Remote which will skip some or all pre-installation validations.
  • All three PowerShell scripts allow a switch -Path to specify an alternate location for workflow.xml and variable.xml

Several other bugs have been resolved.  Note that some roles now include installation of Silverlight, so if you have an existing downloaded source please run Downloader.ps1 again to update with the latest content.