Exclusive First Look: The Long-Awaited Application Lifecycle Management Demo Video

Building and deploying a private cloud is a big deal for any organization, and to help our partners better understand how create their own private cloud, we built one of our own.

What can this hybrid cloud environment look like?  We’ve put together a sneak peak below.

This quick video features a key feature in our very popular Cloud OS stack, and it’s narrated by the author of the Deployment track, Rob Willis.

This video shows what the end-state of a cloud-based IT environment can look like, and how that environment enables you to provide access to cloud-based resources quickly and easily.  Also note the ability to manage an assigned app, monitor it, and see any changes that take place within it.  This kind of insight is particularly valuable in terms of how it streamlines the role of DevOps in managing and maintaining apps.

Sure, this video isn’t exactly a race between a jet plane and a supercar, but, you’ve got to admit, that is pretty incredible stuff.

In addition to Rob’s Oscar-caliber performance, Executive Producer credits also go to Carmen Crincoli and Kath McBride.