Deployment–PDT 2.3 is now available on TechNet Gallery

Just a quick post to let everyone know that version 2.3 of the PowerShell Deployment Toolkit has now been posted to the TechNet Gallery here.  The major enhancement in 2.3 is pre-installation validation – Installer.ps1 will now run a series of validation checks based on the deployment specified in Variable.xml, and will not begin the deployment until all validations pass.

The pre-deployment validation checks are:

  • All target servers specified for access by both the current logged on user and the Installer service account.
  • All service accounts credentials.
  • The operating system version for each role to be deployed.
  • SSL certificates for roles that require them.
  • Minimum memory on target servers.
  • All role dependencies.
  • Valid role combinations.
  • Valid role instance counts.
  • All required variables for roles and SQL.

Version 2.3 also corrects a few minor issues with the previous version.  If you have run Downloader.ps1 from version 2.2, you will need to re-run it.  Assuming you have your original download location intact, it won’t download everything again – instead, it will just replace a couple of prerequisites with new versions and add one additional prerequisite that was missing.