Automation–Orchestrator Extensibility Kit for SC Operations Manager

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Home stretch! Only two more (including this one) “refresh” topics to post…So, here we go, the sixth “real” post after my introduction…and this post and its associated deliverable is dedicated to the:

Orchestrator Extensibility Kit for SC Operations Manager


Like all the other posts I have done recently, the creation of this content was based on a very specific need. Well two very specific needs, which arose at separate times. The first was all about Subscription/Subscriber information in System Center Operations Manager. The Integration Pack for Operations Manager is currently limited to Alerts and Monitors – leaving administrative tasks to extensibility. So that is precisely what I did – I at down and figured out the necessary SDK C# code needed to extend SC Operations Manager and Orchestrator functionality for this specific use case.

The next bit of functionality included in this Extensibility Kit came about from a customer proof of concept. This customer needed the ability to programmatically (or via a Runbook) query for and approve Pending Agent Installs in Operations Manager. After a bit of digging, I figured it would be easiest to combine this newly requested functionality with the existing Extensibility Kit and re-release.

And so I did.

Fun Fact: As of the publication of this post, the Orchestrator Integration Pack for Standard Logging 1.2 and its documentation have been downloaded 1382 times from its previous home on CodePlex.

Relevance Today

The Integration Pack for SC Operations Manager is still limited to Alerts and Monitors. If you still need something not currently available in the Integration Pack, you will have to extend it leveraging the SDKs for both Orchestrator and Operations Manager.

This Extensibility Kit includes working examples which both extend current functionality between Orchestrator and Operations Manager, but also provide a blueprint for further extensibility.

Let’s take a look at the available example activities within this Integration Pack:

  • Create OpsMgr Notification Subscription (OpsMgr.OpsMgrSDK.OpsMgrNoteSubcriptionCreate)
  • Delete OpsMgr Notification Subscription (OpsMgr.OpsMgrSDK.OpsMgrNoteSubcriptionDelete)
  • List Pending Agent Installs (OpsMgr.OpsMgrSDK.OpsMgrListPendingAgentInstalls)
  • Approve Pending Agent Installs (OpsMgr.OpsMgrSDK.OpsMgrApprovePendingAgentInstall)

Also included with this Extensibility Kit are four C# files containing the source code for the above example activities.


Please refer to the available and included User Guide for configuration instructions, example usage and troubleshooting notes. Oh, if you are interested in classic film, check out the original 2010 blog post complete with demo video!


Click here for the TechNet Gallery Contribution for this Integration Pack!