Private Cloud Architecture Coverage at Share Cloud Dallas 2012

Yuri Diogenes and I had a chance to present on private cloud architecture at the Share Cloud Dallas conference in Irving Texas on March 27, 2012. We had a great time presenting and want to thank everyone who attended our sessions.

Our first session was A Solution for Private Cloud Security. In that session Yuri and I began with a short discussion on the value of architecture and the architectural perspective. After that, Yuri discussed some key characteristics of cloud computing and some of the core issues in cloud security in general. After the general discussion, I addressed some key issues in private cloud security, and how our security focus might change as we move from a traditional data center to the private cloud.

Yuri then described what we consider the principles of private cloud security and critical security considerations as they map to the essential characteristics of cloud computing. I then finished off the presentation by discussing our private cloud reference model and private cloud security model and dug into some of the pivotal issues in private cloud security.

You can download the A Solution for Private Cloud Security presentation from the TechNet Gallery.

The second presentation was delivered by me and it was about Private Cloud Principles, Concepts and Patterns. I begin with a short discussion on architecture and the increasing importance architecture will take as we transition to a cloud based world in IT.

Then there was a short discussion on the principles that drive an effective cloud design, the concepts that support the principles, and the patterns that represent the best practices for designing and operating a private cloud. Finally, we took an in-depth look at what these best practices patterns look like in the private cloud.

You can download the Private Cloud Principles, Concepts and Patterns presentation from the TechNet Gallery.

We hope you enjoy the presentations. They include copious speaker notes, so feel free to re-deliver all or parts of these presentations to your colleagues and customers.



Tom Shinder
Principal Knowledge Engineer, SCD iX Solutions Group
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