Kristian Nese Explains Private Cloud Technical Concepts

As I made clear in my two talks at TechDays 2012 in Belgium this week, private cloud computing is all about providing services to the consumers of your cloud infrastructure. This service providers approach is critical since in the future you, as a member of your corporate IT department, will be in direct competition with public cloud service providers who will claim that they can provide the same, or better service, at a lower price.

That means you’re going to need to have a good understanding of how you do things in your datacenter and how much it costs to do those things. This is going to take a increased level of service management maturity and a new focus on architecture.

OK, enough of that. Smile When the recordings of my talks are available, I’ll post them and you can hear the story for yourself.

However, until you get there, you’ll want to understand how services are implemented in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM 2012). It’s definitely a new approach, and if you’re new to SCVMM, it would be nice to have a simple, graphical approach to learning about service deployment and configuration in SCVMM.

This is where Kristian Nese comes to your rescue! Kristian is a Microsoft MVP and a highly regarded speaker on public and private cloud computing. He’s also put together a great document on how to start with services in SCVMM.

Check out Kristian’s white paper on Getting Started with Services in SCVMM.


Tom Shinder
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