A Malware and Firewall Protection Solution for the Private Cloud

imagePrivate Cloud networks have network security requirements similar to those seen on traditional LAN based datacenters. You need network segmentation, you need to be able to exert access controls between virtual machines, between virtual machines and machines on the corporate network and the Internet, and you need to have a anti-malware and bandwidth control.

Just because our Private Cloud is based on a virtualized infrastructure doesn’t mean we can avoid due diligence in these areas.


The problem is that at this time, Hyper-V based Private Clouds make it difficult have centralized firewall access controls applied to the virtual machines that participate in our Private Cloud. Without this kind of protection, some corporate security teams may be wary of migrating their current traditional datacenters and applications to a Private Cloud.

However, there are some options available to us. One of them is a virtual firewall that can be added to the Hyper-V based Private Cloud. I did some research to see what was available in this area for Hyper-V Private Cloud and came upon a product named 5nine Security Manager: Anti-Virus and Virtual Firewall 2.2 For Microsoft Hyper-V. The problem was that I had no experience with this product and therefore didn’t have much insight into its functions and capabilities.

imageAnd this is where the power of our Private Cloud community comes in! Leandro Carvalho, an accomplished and influential Microsoft MVP tweeted about this product and I asked him if he’d be willing to write a short piece about the product to let us know what it’s about. Leandro said yes and thus we present to you his article below. We appreciate the time and effort Leandro put in to help the community understand this virtual firewall option for Hyper-V based Private Clouds.

Leandro did a great job with this article and I think you will find it interesting. You can find his article on the TechNet wiki – A Malware and Firewall Protection Solution for the Private Cloud.


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imageTom Shinder
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